Create multiple customized invoices for customers from Excel

Mail Merge can be used to create multiple custom invoices, see this video link as an example. However, it is not easy and you have to write various formatting formulas just to display numbers correctly. Thankfully, there is an easier way using MergeGuru. MergeGuru allows you to create the invoices as files (PDFs) instead and name them automatically. All that is required is an Excel file that contains the invoice data (company name, adress, work specification, price, invoice nr, etc..), and then a regular Word file that contains angle brackets <> to tell MergeGuru to replace the text string inside the angle brackets with data from the Excel file. The output files are named after the column “Filename” in the Excel file. It cannot be easier than that!

MergeGuru – Create multiple invoices from Excel data

MergeGuru creates multiple PDF and Word files from a Word template and Excel data