Create letters with use data from an Excel file

Have you ever tried creating multipel letters using Mail Merge? Did you find it easy? The answer is probably that you have tried and that you did not find it easy. Look at this tutorial for doing this: Create letters with data from an Excel file. That is about 100 steps! The reason is that MailMerge is not made to be used to create multiple files. This can be done so much easier using MergeGuru as all you have to do is specify the fields by using angle brackets “<>” to specify the fields in the Word file, e.g. <FirstName> or <PaymentAmount>. MergeGuru will then look at the Excel file and find the columns named FirstName and PaymentAmount to figure out where to take the data from when generating the individual files.

MergeGuru creates multiple PDF and Word files from a Word template and Excel data