Create Quotations or Sales Proposals from Excel data

A quotation is a document issued by a seller to a potential customer. It contains the estimated price of the product or service specified on the request for quotation sent by a potential client. When it comes to creating a set of quotations, using a spreadsheet program like Excel might be the best choice for an early-stage business. The quotation template can be created in a Word file, and the data with all the potential customer data can be stored in an Excel file.

Create multiple PDFs from Excel

Use MergeGuru to create multiple quotations as PDFs (or Word files). Simply select the Word template for the quotation that you have created. This Word file should include all text that should be replaced included in angle brackets “<>”, for example “<customer_name>”. Then select the Excel file where all the customers are defined. One column should be named “customer_name” as MergeGuru will then take data from that column and place it into the right place in the Word template file.

MergeGuru creates multiple PDF and Word files from a Word template and Excel data